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I am filled with regret and heartbroken for those fashion shop I have hurt.” Prosecutors have issued a subpoena for Weiner’s cell phone records and the FBI and New York Police Department have begun investigating the allegations, according to CNN. Online relationships with strangers can become dangerous experiences for young people. The teenager said that she’d contacted Weiner out of curiosity, and wrote a letter explaining that she shared her story with the media because he “needs to learn his lesson.” Her father, who also spoke to the Daily Mail and requested anonymity, said her mental health was in “jeopardy.” While the case is an extreme example, it demonstrates how online relationships with strangers can become dangerous experiences for young people. In a study published in 2013 of more than 1,500 adolescents and teenagers, one in 10 youths said they had a close online friendship with someone they met on the internet. Only 3 percent of the respondents reported a romantic relationship that began online; less than 1 percent said their partner was older than 21. Strangers do indeed reach out to young people online. A Pew Research Center report from 2013 found that 17 percent of those surveyed had been contacted by a stranger in a way that made them feel scared of uncomfortable. Girls were twice as likely as boys to say a stranger messaged them. If you’ve developed an online relationship with a stranger, here are five warning signs that it is unhealthy: 1. The person is an adult As in real life, adults who seek out minors for an emotionally or physically intimate relationship should not be trusted. “Anytime an adult is interacting with a child [in this fashion], its exploitative, its abusive,” says Stefanie Carnes, a clinical consultant with Elements Behavioral Health, a company that provides center-based treatment for addiction and mental illness. Image: Getty Images While a young person might find it exhilarating to have an adult’s attention online, and not worry about a threat to their physical safety, Carnes says the relationship is still risky. With such a power imbalance, feelings of control are an illusion. 2. You already feel vulnerable and lonely For an emotionally stable teen making an online connection with a stranger, it may be easy to identify when that relationship crosses a boundary. But for someone who already feels vulnerable and lonely, the lines can blur, especially when the relationship gives them validation that’s hard to find elsewhere. It’s worth pausing to consider why you’re pursuing an online relationship with a stranger and how you can meet those needs offline. 3. The relationship makes you feel really special If someone you’ve never met in person starts to make you feel special, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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