– ‘you Don’t Really Have Any Rights’ – If You’re Still In The Terminal Waiting To Board, You Can Be Told You Can’t Board, Even If You Have A Reservation, Even If You Have A Ticket.

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FILE PHOTO - A United Airlines 787 taxis as a United Airlines 767 lands at San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco Federal rules allow carriers to set their own criteria for selecting passengers to bump, such as check-in time, the fare paid, frequent flyer status or whether a passenger is disabled. Passengers bumped off Alaska Airlines (ALK.N) flights got the highest average compensation of $1,605, followed by those of JetBlue, who received $1,254 on average, the Reuters analysis of Transportation Department data for 12 large U.S. carriers flights found. JetBlue spokesman Doug McGraw said the airline does not oversell flights but passengers may be bumped mainly when scheduled flights on its A321 aircraft have been moved to smaller A320 planes to accommodate needs like unplanned maintenance. Alaska declined to comment. Other airlines did not immediately comment when asked about the analysis. United is in the middle of the pack in terms of the rate at which it forces people to give up seats. It bumps 4.3 out of every 100,000 passengers, and pays the third-lowest average compensation rate at $559 each, according to Transportation Department data. Hawaiian Airlines, a online clothes shopping relatively small carrier, fares best on both measures. For 2016, it reported the lowest rate of forced bumping among the 12 largest carriers, and paid out less than $25,000 to the 49 passengers involved. Southwest Airlines Co (LUV.N) had the highest forced bumping rate among very large carriers, taking nearly 15,000 passengers off flights last year, or 9.9 per 100,000 passengers, down slightly from 2015.

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When enticing does not work, airlines have wide latitude, spelled out in the conditions of carriage contract passengers agree to when purchasing a ticket, Mann said. – ‘You don’t really have any rights’ – “If you’re still in the terminal waiting to board, you can be told you can’t board, even if you have a reservation, even if you have a ticket. And once you’re on board, you are subject to being deplaned based on the order of the crew. So you don’t really have any rights,” Mann said. The US Department of Transportation (DOT) allows for all this, with some conditions. Chief among them, that airlines try to coax passengers off flights first and offer financial compensation. Last year, 434,000 passengers volunteered to be bumped off flights, while another 40,000 were bumped involuntarily and compensated. In the United incident, the airline forced four randomly selected passengers off the plane to make room for four crew members who needed to get to Louisville, after no one would give up their seat voluntarily. United said that it offered compensation of up to $1,000 on Sunday, but no passengers on the Chicago-Louisville flight volunteered, likely because the next flight would have been on the following day. The passenger who was dragged off had reportedly protested and alleged that he was being targeted due to his ethnicity, according to witness accounts, which initially identified the man as Chinese American.

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