Moreover, Every Airline In The United States Overbooks Its Flights At Least Some Of The Time.

Of course, most oversold situations are resolved in a far more civilized manner. However, it’s always inconvenient to get involuntarily “bumped” from a flight. Moreover, every airline in the United States overbooks its flights at least some of the time. All but one, that is. JetBlue Airways ( NASDAQ:JBLU ) is the one holdout that chooses not to overbook its flights, to be more customer-friendly. Yet even JetBlue has to “bump” customers sometimes and this has become a more frequent occurrence in the past year. Overbooking is inevitable There’s a simple reason United Continental and most of its peers overbook their flights: Doing so is extremely profitable. First, customers sometimes don’t show up for their flights. Thus, on average, airlines can sell a few more seats than they actually have on the clothes shop plane without running into trouble. Of course, they sometimes miscalculate, but the benefits of this strategy far outweigh the costs.

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