Emirates Flies To New Zealand Cities Auckland And Christchurch, Mostly Via Australia, Although It Operates A Direct Daily Flight To Auckland.

Australia’s additional checks on passengers and baggage apply to Qatar and the UAE as they are the only Middle East countries with which it has direct air links. The additional security measures were made based on intelligence suggesting flights could be targeted for attack. “What we have seen from them is a less than uniform way of doing things,” Bridges said of the different measures introduced by the United States, Britain and Australia, all close allies of New Zealand. Last week, Emirates said it was cutting flights to the United States after flights new restrictions weakened demand. Bridges said he is scheduled to meet with Emirates Chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum this week where he would make clear that New Zealand is open to additional services. Emirates flies to New Zealand cities Auckland and Christchurch, mostly via Australia, although it operates a fashion clothing direct daily flight to Auckland. Qatar Airways only flies direct to Auckland. Bridges, who is also minister for economic development, is in the UAE to formally announce New Zealand’s participation in the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. New Zealand has committed NZ$53.3 million ($37.5 million) to build its country’s pavilion to host its companies at the trade fair, Wellington announced on Sunday.

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