Practical Guidelines For Programs In Ball Gowns

Dress a Girl is a campaign of the Christian nonprofit Hope 4 Women International. At Southmont, about 25 women — church members and nonmembers — gather from about 9 a.m. to noon on the first and third Thursdays of the month. They bring dishes to share for snacks and lunch, but most of their time is spent assembling dresses and sewing. At one table, women choose pockets, trim and binding to coordinate with cheerful fabric given by donors. “We get a lot of fabric from quilters,” Roberts said. Two women stand at a pair of ironing boards, where they press bindings into the folded shape that will be fitted over the armholes. The dresses — simple A-line shifts — tie over the shoulders. Jerry Burch uses an iron to make bindings that will be used for the dresses on May 4 at Southmont Baptist Church. Flo Crawford selects trims for dresses at Southmont Baptist Church on May 4 in Denton.

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Deep in thought as David suggests I try on a strapless gown In fact, David insisted that I get rid of the negativity before I even stepped foot in the changing room. “You’ve got to believe in yourself”, he told me. “I’m here to help – I’m not going to say you look great if you don’t look great.” And so I took the plunge, asking David to select three dresses for me to try on. Behind the fitting room curtain I was greeted with a really friendly store assistant who insisted “we’ve all got the same bits, please take off your bra” – and I really couldn’t bring myself to protest. “They’ll see”, I muttered to myself internally as I smiled and did as I was told. But stepping into that first dress confirmed all my biggest nightmares: strapless dresses on size 30H boobs with zero bra support = a horrible, horrible mistake. I refused to leave the dressing room (hence the blank space below where a picture should be). Sorry, guys. Thankfully, the second dress had the one feature I really have grown quite accustomed to in a dress through adulthood – straps. And even though I was told to keep the girls roaming free sans-bra, I felt a bit calmer as I was tightly pulled into the corseted, a-line number.

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