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“We then came up with the idea that we would do this event and have collaborators who would contribute and summarise Topman Design in their own way”. These include the poet Max Wallis, whose exploration of love, youth and masculinity chimes well with Topman’s catwalk characters who have long wandered comfortably through countless eras and locales. For Transition, Wallis has put together a film that takes the idea of the myriad ways men can simply say “I love you.” Men’s fashion in London has felt a lot of love lately and, while London Fashion Week Men’s kicks off its tenth season today, it is a universe that Richardson has been a celestial body in from the start. “It’s become something else now hasn’t it?” offered Gordon. “It’s become a thing”. The week originated as a single day following the women’s collections of London Fashion Week, centring on Lulu Kennedy’s MAN initiative promoting three emerging designers each season in a similar format to her widely admired Fashion East initiative for womenswear. “I remember Lulu coming into this office many years ago and I remember the meeting room it happened. She passed us in another room and she said ‘Hey, why don’t we do men?’ and so we said ‘Fabulous, we’ll do it.’ It was the most pioneering, exciting thing to be doing, watching MAN mature and those designers come to fruition.” While Topman sponsors MAN, Richardson is also a member of the panel that selects the designers whose alumni are a cross-section of London fashion talent from now-established names like JW Anderson, Christopher Shannon and Craig Green to new darling Charles Jeffrey. “Somebody like Craig is the most perfect example.

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<img src="https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/161140672.jpg?w=748&h=498&crop=1 width=748 height=498 alt=Women are injecting themselves with pregnancy clothing online shopping hormones to lose weight area=372504″ width=”350″ align=”center” title=”Nipple Covers are Japans latest fashion trend and single men are buying them in droves thanks to this peculiar commercial” alt=”Nipple Covers are Japans latest fashion trend and single men are buying them in droves thanks to this peculiar commercial”/>

She was 73. Biagiotti suffered the heart attack Wednesday evening at her estate outside of Rome. Doctors were able to resuscitate her, but by then serious brain damage had occurred. She died in a hospital in the capital. Her daughter, Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna, announced her mother’s death on Twitter, conveying the news with a Biblical passage: “In the house of my father there are many places. If not, I would have told you. I am going to prepare a place for you.” Biagiotti began designing women’s clothes in the 1960s and by the 1980s was making her mark. In 1988, she became the first Italian designer to online clothes put on a fashion show in China, presenting dresses and blouses in silk and cashmere, and in 1995 was the first to have a show inside the Kremlin walls in Moscow. She expanded into men’s clothing as well, and created a plus-size women’s line, Laura Piu, and a line for children. Her company produced sunglasses and other accessories and perfumes, including the popular “Roma” fragrance, named after Biagiotti’s home city.

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