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Police: Pensacola Man Arrested for Taking Videos Up Dresses of Shoppers Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) PENSACOLA, FL (WKRG/CW) — A Pensacola man has been arrested after being caught taking videos up the dresses of multiple unsuspecting female shoppers. Michael Dominique Donson, 25, is charged with a felony sexual offense — third-degree video voyeurism — for incidents involving multiple female victims at Cordova Mall, Circle K, Publix, Family Dollar, Walmart, Old Navy, and Ross Dress for Less. According to an arrest report obtained by News 5’s Hayley Minogue, groups of shoppers called 911 after suspecting Donson of stalking female customers and using a smartphone to take videos up their dresses. An off-duty officer who was at the mall responded and spoke to Donson and the suspicious shoppers.  The officer said in the arrest report that Donson claimed he wasn’t taking any inappropriate videos or photos on his phone. Donson offered his phone to the officer to see for himself, but the officer said he saw Donson delete several clips before handing over the device.  The phone was taken into evidence at the Pensacola Police Department. After Judge P. Kinsey signed a search warrant for Donson’s phone, 26 videos showing the genitalia area of five female victims or the attempt at looking up their dresses were discovered. In the videos, Donson is seen and heard following the women throughout the store and waiting until they look at a product before attempting to point his phone up their dress.  In some of the videos, Donson appears to pretend talking on the phone in order to blend in with other shoppers.

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