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Horoscope & Astrology Tarot Card + Numerology Reading For Friday, 7/20/2018, By Zodiac Sign | YourTango
Learn all you can from the experience and keep your sense of humor.  Scorpio, you’re super intuitive today if you want to be, particularly sensitive to the bad habits that others may have and the dangers they may have in the life of others. You may want to give advice or at least issue some type of a warning to change. You can feel the dark side of things more today than usual, and this can potentially intrigue you to research those things out. Pisces, with so much water in the air, you can feel like you’re in your own element, and the tears or joy can overflow. The Hanged Man tarot card reveals that today you could feel the energy hesitating. Things may not move as quickly as you’d like, or perhaps you finally have a break through. This can be an emotional or intuitive one, but it’s a start to the new chapter you’ve been looking for. Virgo, you don’t mind taking the time to do things, especially if it means that your end product will be excellent and done right the first time. You may have higher standards than usual, and not feel as eager or willing to go out of your way to change something that you know in your gut that your way is right.

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i don’t know much about astrology but i know when someone announces that it’s their “season” they’re prob gonna act like a pile of shit for a couple days

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