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Kim Komando: 5 essential tech options for your new car
Telematics can also inform your dealer if your car may be in need of service soon or alert and send your exact location and car diagnostics to roadside assistance companies like AAA. Related: Three sites to buy, maintain and sell your car. If you’re like me, you love streaming music, especially when you’re driving home after a long day at work. Now that the days of hauling your whole CD collection to the car are virtually gone, you probably have a music streaming service of choice. These features are especially handy for drivers with unlimited data plans. Many drivers pair their smartphones via Bluetooth or connect them via the headphone jack, but it’s unwise to navigate an app while bombing down the highway. That’s why many new cars provide “infotainment” systems, with screens embedded in the dashboard. Many car infotainment systems have their own dedicated music streaming apps, and in-car smartphone syncing systems like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will display the streaming app’s interface on the dashboard itself. You can access apps like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon Music and Apple Music for music streaming, Stitcher and Pocket Casts for podcasts, and Audible for audiobooks on the go. Keep in mind that you will need an active subscription for most of these apps before you can stream music and content in your car.

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