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The offal truth - formulating biologically appropriate foods for dogs and cats | 2018-08-20 | Food Business News

The range starts with filet mignon, and other premium cuts, and ends with hot dogs and beef casings and chitterlings. “Each product is unique in its origin, processing type, taste, cost, etc., but all are considered to be acceptable foods in the U.S.,” Swanson explains. Many products shunned by Americans are nutritious ingredients that are highly palatable and digestible by pets. Pet food marketers need to better communicate not only the sustainability but also the nutrition piece. “Seeing offal described as a by-product of human food processing may give some consumers the impression that organ meat is inferior, or that it is a low-cost alternative to muscle meat,” Durham says. “In reality, key organs, such as heart, lung and liver, are more costly than muscle meat. Brands that choose to include these organs are doing so because it’s the right thing for the pet, not because it increases their bottom line.” Granger-Peet says, “Offal can be very good and received well if presented honestly. Consumers are getting more savvy. It’s refreshing. It’s not so much offal that is their concern in their pet’s food and treats, it is the misrepresentation of offal as something else on a lot of packaging.” The K-9 Kraving brand is direct and upfront.

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